Travel in the outer space in Into Space 1

Have you dreamt of travelling in the outer space like an astronaut? I am sure that most of us do because the concept of the outer space is very wide and never ending which makes us more curious and interested. Although the reaching the outer space is quite impossible for some of us at this time, there are other ways to experience the feeling of travelling in this particular place like playing the flash game called Into Space 1. Even if it is through a virtual medium, you can still enjoy the outer space.

Your mission in this game is to be the pilot of a space rocket. You must be able to guide the rocket in travelling and avoiding certain blocks or hinders in your path such as grey clouds that create lightning which can destroy your rocket. As you reach for the outer space, you can collect certain bonus items and money which you can used in availing upgrades. If you want to experience this game, just type the following url in your laptop:

into space 1 (4)

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