Play the first time with Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover is the first and introductory edition from the retro game series with the same title. Being the first one created means a lot of things. It will serve as the jumpstart of the story of the series that will be followed by avid gamers as the series progresses. It will also serve as the benchmark of the challenges that will be imposed in the whole series. Lastly, it will serve as a tutorial edition of how the game and the series run. If you want more details, you can read this whole article or have a peek at this site.


This is a retro game since it resembles the old-school game of Super Mario. The background and designs are the same with what the retro game offered before. The players will have a varied set of characters which is composed of old-school gaming superstars such as Mario, Simon, Simus, Megaman and Bill R. They will tackle the world and game play of Super Mario but still have their respective powers and abilities which they will be using in defeating enemies or opponents in the game.

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