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The Duck Life game series is an addicting adventure game. The first four Duck Life installments center in training your duckling to be able to join races and tournaments. However, the fifth installment, Duck Life 5, did away from this concept. It has an interesting storyline and goal, treasure hunting. The fire duck had been defeated and the volcano remained dormant. Rumors spread that mysterious treasures were deep within the volcano. Be one of the treasure hunters and try to find as much treasure as you can.

Duck Life 6 is a repeat of Duck Life 5 with a lot of improvements and developments. Outside the volcano were six shops. These shops are the Pet Shop, Hair Dresser shop, Mechanic Shop, With Ducktor Shop, Jetpacks shop and the Clothing shop. In Duck Life 6, there is a Coin Shop. However, you have to play it in Apple or Android and go to space for the Coin Seller sells coin only in the app.


The app, Duck Life Space is totally free. Although like other apps, there are in-apps purchases. Even though, you will love the app more due to additional features. Amongst those is the Cup Races. There are five Cup Races to join. These are the Plastic Cup, Copper Cup, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. Each Cup has its own requirements to join and rewards if you won first place. Anyone can join the Plastic Cup for there is no energy requirement. You can make quick cash in joining it for your pets’ training. What more, you can join over and over again even when you have already won first place.

In Duck Life 6, not only will you go to space to buy coins, you will also be buying items which has boost for your duckling. Hats will boost your energy level bonus, jackets will boost your skill level bonus and shoes will boost your speed or running skill bonus. So if you want to buy coins, join in Cup Races and buy items with boost, you need to go to space in Duck Life Space in your Apple or Android. And if you want to challenge other players all over the world, try playing Duck Life 7 too.

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