Play classic video game characters in Mario Crossover

If you had lived in the family computer era, the characters in Mario Crossover will surely be familiar to you. Six video games super heroes are brought together in this action fun game. You get to choose the character you like: Simon of Castlevannia, Link of the Legend of Zelda, Megaman of Megaman, Bill R of Contra, Samus of Metroid and, of course, Mario of Super Mario. All of them retained their powers, abilities and stuffs. See them run in Super Mario 1 beating the turtles and the rest of the enemies with their own powers and capabilities.

Mario Crossover, although made by old school gamers for the love of those video games, will not only give fun to those who had played Family Computers and video games back in the eighties. have a peek at this site to see that fact for yourself.


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