Try to control the Crazy Helicopter

Ever seen a crazy game on line? If you enjoy flying and dream of riding a chopper, try flying this Crazy Helicopter. Your goal is to stay in the air as long as possible and collect points balls for score and ammo. Click the left button of your mouse to speed up and scroll up the wheel of your mouse or press the spacebar to send out missiles and eliminate obstacles.


Crazy Helicopter is a challenging game. Only, the helicopter is hard to control. Maybe that is the reason why it is entitled Crazy Helicopter. One technique is not to restart the game immediately after a fall down. If you restart immediately, you will see that your helicopter is in distress and will just fall down no matter how hard you click your mouse. And to get the points balls, you should touch the balls and not just the parachutes.

Survive the Troll’s challenge in Trollface Quest 3

Have you played a puzzle game? Do you like its gameplay? Im sure that you are positive about the questions. It is simply putting all the pieces together to form or create a certain image or picture. Young ones love this because of three reasons. First reason is because it challenges the memory and thinking skills of the player. Second reason is because it helps improve coordination and imagery. Third is because of the fact that it is very interesting and entertaining at the same time. One perfect example is the game called Trollface Quest 3. Just rely on the next paragraph for more details about this game.

Trollface Quest 3 (5)

This is a droll point and click puzzle game in which your objective is to unravel all the mysteries to protect the infamous trollface. Find, reveal and activate all the covert object that you will find or see in the platform as you play each level. If you want to succeed in this game, you should be alert and attentive at all times because you don’t want to miss a single detail in the puzzle game. You should try this game so you can determine if you can survive the challenge of the Trollface.

Use your sniper efficiently in Sniper Team 1

If you are looking for a flash game that is exciting, entertaining and challenging, then you will surely love the game that this article offers. The flash game is called Sniper Team 1. This is the first installment from the series Sniper Team Games. Do you know why shooting has been incorporated with flash games. There are three factors that can respond to the question. One factor is the involvement of shooting weapons. Second factor is because of the challenge it can give to a player. A game without an entertainment is not a game at all. Fortunately, the third reason for the game’s value is entertainment.


Sniper Team 1 enables a player to be a soldier who needs to eliminate opponents by shooting them using different weapons. There will be a huge army of enemies trying to destroy your base as well as kill you. The player needs to unleash his or her precise shooting skills before the enemy make a move. Be strategic and use your sniper efficiently to be succesful with this first edition.