Turn the boredom into a lively atmosphere in Dinner Party Slacking

In our life, we experience ups and downs that sometimes make us feel down and alone. Fortunately, there are ways to pump up ourselves like going on a shopping spree, attending events or partying with friends. One of the most common thing that teenagers do nowadays is having parties here, there and everywhere because of the youth they possess. Do you know that there is a game related with parties? Yes, there is! The name of that game is Dinner Party Slacking.

Dinner Party Slacking (3)

There are two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is the party itself that will keep the gamers entertain. Second is because of the presence of slacking action which will occur as the game progresses. Sarah which is the main character in this game was invited by her BFF in a posh party. Everyone is dressed properly and all glammed up. But Sarah, being a party animal notice something. But Sarah notices that the game is plain and boring at the same time. She tries doing something that will make the atmosphere alive. It is through slacking which she does best in every party she attends. Help here with here stuff and keep the party alive and kicking.

Help a Lost Knight in The Awakening

Embark on a journey with a knight that has forgotten his name and his past. Battle with creatures and help him gain his memory back in The Awakening. The action packed adventure has a rich storyline and will keep you playing for hours. Help people and warriors alike to find what you are searching for. The game is an RPG combat style, where you have to click on what your character does for the next move, but is not turned-base. Each actions require stamina, and you need to recharge it before making another action again.

The Awakening (3)

The health points is shown on the upper right corner, drop down to zero and game over, load the game on your last save point. As you fight monsters you will gain some stats and grow stronger. There are also upgrades for your sword which can help you on your battles. The Awakening is an exciting RPG that will set you on missions and fighting monsters like you have never been before. Expect a sequel after the game, since it is a really good game. A must try for all adventure seekers and RPG lovers.

Dodge and run in Return Man 3

Return man 3 is a game like you’ve never played before. Brute force is sometimes not the key in winning in American football. You will have to use all the members to work together as a team not as a single player. Your team must work in harmony. American football is game of mind and body, so you will need to use different tactics to win.


You play as the quarterback and your goal is to bring the ball towards the opposing team’s end zone. Dodge through defending ends and defending tacklers. Basic controls are I,J,K and L or the arrow keys for movement. During the game you encounter power ups in the field an example to this is the speed up its icon is something like a lightning rod. The more goals you make the better your rewards, you will be able to unlock new moves like you can make your player spin to avoid a tackle. Another is that you can also unlock blockers which are better in tackling your opponents or defending your running back to more successful touchdown. At first you will be dodging dummy-like defenders that do not move, but like any other game as you progress, opponents get tougher, in sports this is equivalent to, running faster, stronger blocks, and more athleticism. The graphics are great is seems so realistic that you can feel the emotions of your player and of your opponents’.

We all know that, American Football is one physical and gruesome sport, if you are a fan but does not want all the body aches this game offers, you can play Return Man 3. When you sign in or play in the ESPN Arcade website, your game progress and unlocks will be saved in your account. Additionally, you can show off your score to your friends and share the game if they are not playing it.