Black Ninja in Run Ninja Run 1

Get ready to enjoy the first version of a series named Run Ninja Run 1. As you know, today’s world is the technology’s world. As long as the technology improves, the games supporting devices are increasing day by day, and now the world has taken up a big part of entertainment for people. Several browsers have been created to support flash and online games, and many devices have been launched just to play the games online and offline. Thousands of games are being created that come supporting all kinds of hardware.
In this first version, a character ninja is flying to something, and ready to fight against the enemies. Light black color has been included in its color scheme, which looks good and the player can enjoy it. The game is supported, created and launched by a famous company Arcade Games.

Run Ninja Run 1

Help the hero in Trollface Quest 2

It’s the sequel to the first version Trollface Quest 1. Play at Trollface Quest 2 has the same principles as they were in the 1st edition. The game is point and click style game that has many puzzles and you have to use your strategies and many challenging levels would come to achieve. What is your mission now? Well, you have to complete each level successfully without being harmed or killed.
The levels are a bit tricky like they were in the Trollface Quest 1. For example. when you reach level 15, you will find the here, which is a character as a stickman, that is standing near the cabin in a hard winter, and your duty is to help him so that will get warm. Don’t think you will be able to help him in this regard, and he will enter the cabin, as it’s not easy.

Trollface Quest 2

Nice leaderboard in Mini Putt 2

The 2nd version of the series Mini Putt 2 arrived, made by Psycho Goldfish Creative Media. For your ball, there are some new holes created. a few new obstacles are designed to work around. You will find some challenging greens to enjoy in this version. Let me instruct you now about how to play the game, so you are going to use your left mouse button to make an aim and then release it to putt. It was created on 23th of Oct, 2004 and it has broken the popularity records as it has been enjoyed and operated more than 5,750,116 times.
A very beautiful background is created for this game, where you will see Game Modes to choose one of them. A leaderboard is also made for the players to view their highest scores.