More fun adventures in Fancy Pants Remix

If you have played and enjoyed playing Fancy Pants Adventure World 1, get ready to play it again but make way for all the improvements made on it in the new installment of the Fancy Pants game series, the Fancy Pants Remix. You will be playing some new levels, discover some new secrets and encounter some new surprises. There are added features too. You can now purchase keys to open locked doors; these keys are the Silver, Platinum and Extra Fancy Keys.

You will be earning special pants and hats too. To make the game more adventurous, several new maps were also incorporated. There are now hidden doors and passages which will lead to creative challenges. Among the five levels, you will be battling with the boss at the last one. Enjoy more audacious levels and surprises with this game by playing at

Fancy Pants Remix (1)

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