Improvements of Vex 3

If you enjoy playing computer games, you will find a lot of them online. Look for the genre you like to play such as action, puzzle, strategy, skill, adventure, scary and a lot more, and you will surely find games which will suit your taste. What more, there are thousands of games online which you can play for free.

If you are looking for a skill game blended with adventure, test your skills in Vex game series. Play as the stick figure and get through each level while avoiding death. The path to the door will not be smooth. There are a lot of deadly obstacles along the way. One touch with them will kill you instantly. So you have to be very careful as you run, jump, swim, climb and slide down in this fast paced game. You can play any of the installments of the Vex game series by visiting its homepage. However, it would be more enjoyable if you will start with the first installment as it is the easiest. If you got through Vex, prepare yourself for a harder sequel and play Vex 2. There are added levels as well as obstacles. And if you were successful enough, play the hardest installment, Vex 3.


Vex 3 has more levels, there are now ten levels, called Acts, a Tutorial and nine challenge stages. You have to remember some tips in playing the game. Take note that you cannot stay too long underwater for you will lose breath. Climbing too high walls is futile. Jumping off from too high platforms is fatal. Vex 3 also eliminates the Achievements Room in exchanged for the Trophies Room. Challenge yourself to collect all brand new forty trophies which were divided into four classes. It was said that higher trophies are harder to achieve. The Stage Builder was greatly developed; it has a fully equipped tool box for you to create a great stage.

You can play Vex 3 for free in the Vex games’ homepage. And there is no need of logging in or signing up. Also in the homepage, you can find all other Vex games, their Unblocked versions, their walkthrough, a page dedicated for tips, how to finish Vex 2 in twenty minutes, and three other games.

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