Guide the circular and adorable creatures in Meeblings

One great part of television series, movies and flash games is the incorporation of out of this world creatures like the one involved in the flash game called Meeblings. Do you have any idea about this particular game? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will eventually know some details about it after reading this article. But let us tackle why such out of this world theme is a great feature. One is because of the fact that it makes people curious and interested. Second is because they widen the imagination of players or gamers. Last is because they are indeed entertaining.

The characters that players have to deal with are called Meeblings just like the title of the game where they are involved in. Their features are adorable such as circular, orange like creatures with eyes and mouth. As the player, your goal is to guide and navigate the meeblings until they are able to reach the exit doors in each level. You must utilize the abilities of these creatures to perform or achieve the goal greatly.

Meeblings (4)

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