Enjoy the newest strike force heroes

There are a lot of games you will find online, whatever kind you like. And there is no need to worry; a lot of these games are totally for free. There is no need to log in or create any account. If you are you up for some action and adventure and you are into shooting games, the Strike Force Heroes game series is worth the try. It is an action-packed war-like game. Each installment will surely engross you for hours.

The newest strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, is yet another engrossing and addicting game. You will not only enjoy shooting enemies, you will also employ strategies and techniques. It is all about killing all enemies in sight. You have to be quick to kill or else you will be killed by enemies.

There are two modes to play the game in the newest strike force heroes: the Campaigns and the Challenges. The Campaigns are not that hard as long as you have the right weapons and the skillful team. You unlock weapons when you finish a mission. You can also buy them in the game shop with the cash you have received during the game. You may also win unique and powerful weapons when you play the slot machine. These powerful weapons are greatly useful during the battle.

In the Challenges mode, your skills will be put into test. You will face death matches where you have to survive and finish the level. When you finish a challenge, additional skills will be unlocked. Or if you cannot wait to unlock skills, you can purchase skills in the shop but that will be in exchange for your soldiers.


As you play the newest strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, you have to collect flags from the enemies. Each level has different conditions in collecting flags: some will require you to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible while some will require you to kill certain number of enemy soldiers. Some may simply require you to earn certain number of points for that level. Playing this game will definitely not bore you at all because of the variety of missions.

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