Eliminate all enemies in Boxhead Zombie Wars

If you like zombie games and shooting games, you will surely enjoy playing the game, Boxhead Zombie Wars. There are two modes to play: the Classic and the Defense. In Classic mode, you can choose among Close Combat, Death Valley, Double Trouble and In the middle. While in the Defense mode, choose among Welcome to HELL, Top Heavy, The road to hell and Cross roads. There are four modes of difficulty.

Boxhead Zombie Wars (2)

You can play as a beginner, or pay in the intermediate, expert or nightmare mode. And if you have chosen which mode you will play, be prepared to Enter Hell. Shoot all the incoming zombies. And do not let them get near you or your health will deteriorate. As you level up in each mode, not only will you be facing zombies, you will also fight against devils, runners, vampires and mummies.

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