Earn to Die part 4

One of the most successful zombie games online is the EARN TO DIE game series. Due to its success, a lot of versions were made where players will enjoy more. The creator even released Earn to Die 5, a version where instead of plowing zombies, you will be driving over enemy soldiers. This version is called Battle Field WWII and the setting was during the Second World War.

All EARN TO DIE versions have one common gameplay. You will be driving a vehicle as far as possible then upgrade it at the end of the day. When you finish a level, you will unlock a vehicle far better than the previous one even when fully upgraded. But you will also need to upgrade the latest vehicle to be able to go further more. And when you are done with the second level, you will unlock a third vehicle which is the only vehicle that can run from the starting point to the goal point, provided it is fully upgraded.

The story of EARN TO DIE started when the zombies invaded your hometown. As one of the survivors, you were looking for a place where you can be away and safe from the zombies. From a not so distant place, you saw a helicopter. You will need a vehicle to reach the helicopter which could bring you to a safe haven. Having five hundred dollars only, you can only buy the small hatchback for a start. But it will not reach your destination even if you fully upgrade it.

In the first EARN TO DIE, one wheel upgrade is missing. In Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Once again play the original game with all its improvements and complete upgrades. Your first vehicle in Earn to Die 4 Super Wheel is the small hatchback. Your second vehicle is the old good pickup and the third is the heavy truck. You can now reach the helicopter with the fully upgraded heavy truck.

The EARN TO DIE game series is an addicting challenging action racing game you will surely love. You can play all versions when you visit the game fan site.

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