Clear your way out in Zigmond 3

Zigmond 3 is a platformer game that includes challenging levels. It requires critical, logical and strategically thinking from the players. It is a Sokoban Style Game where the players will have to face numerous levels of platform action and instructions. Zigmond is the main tester or challenge giver in this game which the players must solve and survive. There are two reasons why peopoe will be hooked in this game. One is because it is challenging because of the instructions to be performed or executed. Two is because of the appealing and attractive graphics that will welcome the players.

Zigmond 3

There are 50 challenging levels which will be presented by Zigmond as the so called Game Master. You will have to follow the instructions in each level and pass the standards or required moves and points to achieve the next level. Levels one to ten is pretty easy but levels 30 up to 50 is indeed difficult or tough to pull through. You will have to think before you move. Calm and focus on the instructions so you will not be distracted and bothered.

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