Clear all the cards in Spider Solitaire

Most of us are aware of the card game called Solitaire. It is basically about arranging cards on ascending or descending order depending on the game’s preference. It is great to know that cards have been invented for many benefits that we can utilize or attain. Cards are basically used to play games during leisure time or when boredom strikes.

It is better to be played with friends or family around. Cards are also tools in magic tricks performed by many magicians. Cards are also used as decorations to build a beautiful art. In this article, cards are utilized as tools in a flash game. In fact, the main topic is about a game called Spider Solitaire. Your objective in this game is to simply play the usual solitaire game in an online version. There are a total of 104 cards which are basically two deck of cards. You just have to organized them in a descending order. Your score will depend on the number of moves you make.

Spider Solitaire

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