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Around the world driving in Drift N Burn 3

Can you give factors why racing games are very popular nowadays? First is because of the fact that it involves vehicles that are intended for racing such as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. There is no doubt that the level of fascination of most people are on a higher level which make the gamers busy at work. Second is because of the fact that it promotes and develops competitiveness in an individual in a proper and safe way or medium. Finally, people love to experience adrenaline rush even just by playing games like the ones related to racing.


Drift N Burn 3 is an example of a racing game that will surely excite and entertain a lot of people. The player’s mission in this game is to collect 100 cars in 100 days in a World Tour Racing games. The game scheme is that you have to race in different cities around the world and beat every three players in each leg to advance in the next level. You have to make sure that your car is at its best then drift and drive around the world. This game somehow uplifts your level of knowledge when it comes to Geography.

Control the exciting ride in Rollercoaster Rush

Ever enjoyed a ride in a rollercoaster before? Have you ever wonder how that ride makes you thrill? Find out in Rollercoaster Rush. In this flash game, you become the rollercoaster’s brakeman, the one who operates the ride. Your goal is to create an exciting and thrilling experience of a rollercoaster ride for your riders. But be aware, you have to manage the ride without the rollercoaster crashing or you will scare some riders away.
The rollercoaster starts with 25 tracks. Earn at least three stars in each level to unlock a new track and attack additional riders. But once you crashed down, you will scare some riders away. Do your best to finish the ride as shortest possible time as ever without crashing your rollercoaster. As you increase your speed, you also increase the excitement meter. Try this game and enjoy the ride.

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Endless Searching Games in Hidden Object Games Free Online

Hidden Object Games are becoming more popular nowadays because of three reasons. First is because of the exciting features it has as well as the great design. Second is because of the many objects that you need to find in a specific period of time. Third reason is the level of difficulty that is offered to players, which make them hooked while playing. That is why different websites give many choices in this type of games. One example is the site called Hidden Object Games Free Online.
If you are curious of the games that you can find in this site, continue reading the next paragraph. All the games that you will find in this site are all free which means that you don’t have to spend even a single coin. The games that you can find are Titanic Hidden Mystery, Daily Difference, Hidden Object: Pirates and many more. The good thing about this site is that there are different kinds of hidden object games that you can play. Just search for it online and have a blast surfing and browsing all the games in the website.

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You Need To Concentrate In Mini Skears!

This is an unusual game with colors and squares, but quite tricky and interesting.You shouldn’t touch certain squares, and if certain square touches a blue circle, you will lose. And if you touch a certain square, it disappears. This is the whole philosophy of the game.
But Mini Skears isn’t so simple as you may think! So this circle will be in the middle of the screen. Squares will appear from all sides and of all sizes. You need to make sure purple squares don’t touch the circle. So you need to aim with your mouse at the square to make it disappear. Another important thing is that if you touch red squares, you lose. So be very careful, because those shapes are moving very fast. Make sure you touch purple squares, and not touch the red ones. So you need to concentrate and be fast and skillful! Try it, you will have fun!


Load That Truck In Truck Loader 4

This is a very challenging game where you have to show your truck loading skills! But not just loading, but also physics skills. There are lots of exciting levels for you to complete. By completing them you will have a lot of fun! In Truck Loader 4 your goal is to load a truck with some boxes.
As you progress in the game, it will be more difficult. Sometimes there will be some obstacles on your way and you need to build a good strategy if you want to load a truck. Sometimes boxes will be falling and you nave to catch it and sometimes you will have to jump. So as you can see, this game tests your motor skills. Do you think you have enough skill for completing this amazing game? If you like problem solving games and if you think you are good at it, you should definitely try it out.

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Explore A Crashed Plane In Bermuda Escape

At the very beginning of the game you find yourself behind a wheel of a yacht. You are on a very important mission. You need to explore a plane that had crashed. But suddenly your vessel sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Now you need to find your way home to New Providence. Graphics of Bermuda Escape are very good and controls very simple. This game tests your logic skills. Can you build a good strategy and escape that odd place?
And of course, if you like puzzle solving, you will enjoy this game. There will be different items to collect in order to solve a problem. Explore the place and pay attention to items. You will see them on a dashboard, on the cupboard and others. You will be collecting items like mask, knife, swimming west, shoes and others. You have to keep in mind all the details. Have fun!


Earn To Die 2015: Survive A War Zone

This sequel is a little bit different from the previous ones in the series. The main goal is the same: to reach the target, driving through a bumpy roads. But this time there are no zombies.
Earn To Die 2015 is set in the period of the World War II and you have a role of a medic that has to drive thousands of miles to get to a base and cure harmed soldiers. While you are driving you will have some obstacles like barricades, German soldiers, tanks, brick walls and others. The game is very exciting and the fact that you are rushing to save some lives is very humane. you will also find some money on the road and collect it just by driving through it. Your starting car will be a small old car, then army jeep and finally army van, the strongest one. don’t miss out playing this game! Visit


” Dolphin Olympics: “Swim” on a Show”

Four installments have been released. Dolphin Olympics is an exciting flash game, which you can play with your browser. Enjoy playing as a dolphin trainer, and put on a show with your dolphin’s magnificent stunts within 2 minutes.
The first two installments let you challenge yourself by beating your own high score. Every type of thrilling stunt lets you gain scores. The third and fourth installments let your dolphin travel and join competitions around the world and around the universe.  You need to earn certain amount of coins by winning competitions to unlock new places and new competitions. You can also purchase extravagant outfits for your dolphin in coin shops. Anyone can play Dolphin Olympics! Even kids can enjoy this flash game! There is no inappropriate language involved in the game. This game can enhance your kids’ motor skills by playing this game. This game also fits to people who would want to enhance their visionary skills.

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