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Play the first time with Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover is the first and introductory edition from the retro game series with the same title. Being the first one created means a lot of things. It will serve as the jumpstart of the story of the series that will be followed by avid gamers as the series progresses. It will also serve as the benchmark of the challenges that will be imposed in the whole series. Lastly, it will serve as a tutorial edition of how the game and the series run. If you want more details, you can read this whole article or have a peek at this site.


This is a retro game since it resembles the old-school game of Super Mario. The background and designs are the same with what the retro game offered before. The players will have a varied set of characters which is composed of old-school gaming superstars such as Mario, Simon, Simus, Megaman and Bill R. They will tackle the world and game play of Super Mario but still have their respective powers and abilities which they will be using in defeating enemies or opponents in the game.

Clear your way out in Zigmond 3

Zigmond 3 is a platformer game that includes challenging levels. It requires critical, logical and strategically thinking from the players. It is a Sokoban Style Game where the players will have to face numerous levels of platform action and instructions. Zigmond is the main tester or challenge giver in this game which the players must solve and survive. There are two reasons why peopoe will be hooked in this game. One is because it is challenging because of the instructions to be performed or executed. Two is because of the appealing and attractive graphics that will welcome the players.

Zigmond 3

There are 50 challenging levels which will be presented by Zigmond as the so called Game Master. You will have to follow the instructions in each level and pass the standards or required moves and points to achieve the next level. Levels one to ten is pretty easy but levels 30 up to 50 is indeed difficult or tough to pull through. You will have to think before you move. Calm and focus on the instructions so you will not be distracted and bothered.

Win the Competition in Electric Man 2

Electricity is very important to mankind because of three reasons. One is because it is used in operating and generating appliances at home, in the office and in different places as long as it require electricity. It is also used in experiments and tests in Applied Science and Technology. Last is because it simply operates most production and creation in the entire world. It is nice to see that electricity is now incorporated in flash games as background or feature just like the one in the game called Electric Man 2.

endless war 7 (4)

The player’s role will be a contestant in a fighting competition and his or her mission is to fight all the opponents and win the competition. This game is developed by Damien Clarke. Since this is already the second edition, there are improved features and graphics. This is about unleashing fighting moves incorporated with electricity. If you want to engage with this game, just search for

A thrilling ride in Roller Coaster Rush

Why do you think roller coaster is the most appreciated ride in a theme park or carnival? If you don’t have any idea about it, it is fine. There are three reasons that can satisfy the question. One is because it thrills and excites anyone who rides the roller coaster. Second is because it will turn your world upside down even for just minutes. Last is because it will give you the best ride ever. It is no wonder that this ride has been incorporated in different entertainment medium. In fact, there is a flash game called Roller Coaster Rush.

This flash game will surely turn your world upside down even in a virtual way. The only thing that you have to do is to control the mode of the roller coaster. You will have to check the passengers and their safety. It is like simulating a real life theme park controller or operator. You should create the ultimate coaster-riding experience ever. Satisfy your riders and earn enough points and money.

Rollercoaster Rush (4)

Travel in the outer space in Into Space 1

Have you dreamt of travelling in the outer space like an astronaut? I am sure that most of us do because the concept of the outer space is very wide and never ending which makes us more curious and interested. Although the reaching the outer space is quite impossible for some of us at this time, there are other ways to experience the feeling of travelling in this particular place like playing the flash game called Into Space 1. Even if it is through a virtual medium, you can still enjoy the outer space.

Your mission in this game is to be the pilot of a space rocket. You must be able to guide the rocket in travelling and avoiding certain blocks or hinders in your path such as grey clouds that create lightning which can destroy your rocket. As you reach for the outer space, you can collect certain bonus items and money which you can used in availing upgrades. If you want to experience this game, just type the following url in your laptop:

into space 1 (4)

Guide the circular and adorable creatures in Meeblings

One great part of television series, movies and flash games is the incorporation of out of this world creatures like the one involved in the flash game called Meeblings. Do you have any idea about this particular game? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will eventually know some details about it after reading this article. But let us tackle why such out of this world theme is a great feature. One is because of the fact that it makes people curious and interested. Second is because they widen the imagination of players or gamers. Last is because they are indeed entertaining.

The characters that players have to deal with are called Meeblings just like the title of the game where they are involved in. Their features are adorable such as circular, orange like creatures with eyes and mouth. As the player, your goal is to guide and navigate the meeblings until they are able to reach the exit doors in each level. You must utilize the abilities of these creatures to perform or achieve the goal greatly.

Meeblings (4)

Crush The Castle td: This time it’s all about defending the tower

It’s time for Crush The Castle TD (Tower Defense) by Joe Betz and Toge productions. After the whole successful series built to smash and destroy castles this spectacular part comes where your skills of defense are tested. Yes you don’t have to kill the inhabitants anymore but save your tower from the intruders. Once again, you take up the mantle of Siege Master, but this time to defend the kingdom from the invaders. To know more about the gameplay feel free to visit

crush the castle(3)

Crush The Castle breaks the monotony of the previous versions where the mechanism and goals where same. It feels balanced and requires enough strategy to achieve shiny gold medals. A pretty good looking game where fans will have a sturdy experience. One can give it a try and see how the other side of the society lives.

Great Basketball action in Slamdunk Anime Game

Do you love anime? Are you fond of Basketball? If you are affirmative with it, then you will surely like the game presented in this article. Basketball is such a universal sport in the sense that anyone can really play it even those who don’t have shooting skills.


Slamdunk Anime Game is about shooting hoops and earning points as well as beating you rival or opponent and you can play your favorite anime characters as your player in the game. The goal in this game is very simple which is to play a virtual Basketball game. Since this is a two-player game, you can invite friends and relative to play with. The characters in this game are anime characters so kids and even adults who are addicted to anime will surely be hooked on Slamdunk Anime Game. Almost everyone loves Basketball so there is no doubt that you will definitely be hooked with this flash game.