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Collect the necessary flowers in Time Goes By

What comes to your mind if you read or hear Time Goes By? If you think that this is a title of a great movie or a television series, you are incorrect because believe it or not, Time Goes By is an example of a flash game. This is created and developed by Burstyx Studios and has been serving great entertainment and fun since 2010. There are two reasons why this game is an interesting one. First is because of the simple but effective graphics and designs. Second is because of the cute and lovely objective.

If you love flowers or nature in general, then you will surely be happy about this game. The mission of the players who want to engage with this game is to collect the necessary flowers depending on the required type in each stage. There are five stages in this game. You must be able to utilize your motorbike and control it effectively and precisely.


A variety of entertaining games instore in Monkey Go Happy Games

Monkey is one of the most intelligent animals in the entire world. There are things that it can do that other animals can’t. It also resembles the origin of mankind which are theorize in different scientific and technological aspects. There are two main reasons why it is very intelligent. First is because it can signal or communicate with other monkeys in a high level way. Second is because of the movements that are alike with mankind.

This article that you are reading at the moment presents an entertainment medium that most readers will surely like. It is the flash game compilation called Monkey Go Happy Games. This contains games that are related with one another and will surely make you smarter and tougher in terms of strategies and thinking. The main goal in each game that belongs to this compilation is about finding the missing monkeys while cheering up the sad little ones.


It is about exercising in Trollface Quest 6

Are you familiar with Trollface Quest 6? If you are clueless then it is fine because this article that you are currently reading at the moment has some details about it. Trollface Quest 6 is an example of a flash game. This is actually the sixth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 6. This is an interesting and addicting game that young and old gamers will surely love.

The main character in this game besides the player is a Troll. The story is that he is selling pizza when suddenly, someone has stolen one of them. The troll needs to get it back and the only way is to kick and defeat the bad guy. But the problem is that Troll is not yet fit. He needs to be fit and it can only be done if you help him. Your goal in this game is to help him exercise in many different ways in order to defeat the bad guy. Freely browse this homepage for more information.