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Aircraft maneuvering and execution in Drakojan Skies 3

Do you love aircraft battle? Do you love the feeling of being on the air while fighting at your will? If you are positive about the questions asked, then you will surely love the treat that this page presents. This is about Drakojan Skies 3. This is categorized as aircraft shooting as well as three dimensional war. There two reasons why this game is very popular. First reason is because it is about battles and action.


Second reason is because it involves aircraft that most of us are dreaming to operate or have. The player will act as the leader of the Omega Squadron. Your objective is to defeat and shoot the aircrafts of hostile enemies and protect the Drakojan territory by all means. Be tactical, strategical and analytical in order to pull through with the mission with flying colors, literally and figuratively. If you want a long and continuous play, you can simply search it online.

More fun adventures in Fancy Pants Remix

If you have played and enjoyed playing Fancy Pants Adventure World 1, get ready to play it again but make way for all the improvements made on it in the new installment of the Fancy Pants game series, the Fancy Pants Remix. You will be playing some new levels, discover some new secrets and encounter some new surprises. There are added features too. You can now purchase keys to open locked doors; these keys are the Silver, Platinum and Extra Fancy Keys.

You will be earning special pants and hats too. To make the game more adventurous, several new maps were also incorporated. There are now hidden doors and passages which will lead to creative challenges. Among the five levels, you will be battling with the boss at the last one. Enjoy more audacious levels and surprises with this game by playing at

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Make your duckling Word Champion in Duck Life 2

Get ready to train your duckling once again in Duck Life 2. And this time, aim for him to be the World Champion. But before he gets the title, you have to train him in four skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. As you train, you also have to feed him. You can buy two kinds of seeds in the Duck Shop: the yellow seeds which will increase the energy level of your duckling and the purple seeds which are more expensive yet will increase the energy level of your duckling three times than the yellow seeds.

If you think you have trained your duck well enough, you can enter the race in Scotland which is the qualifying round for the world championship. Winning the race and increasing your levels in the four skills will unlock other tournaments. Join the race and make your duckling the World Champion at