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Enjoy Fancy Pants 4 with kids

Your favorite little character wearing pants is back and just ready to show you wonderful actions. You can play at this 4th version Fancy Pants 4 from the series Fancy Pants. That site contains the complete versions of this series. Moreover, all of them placed in one place, so you do not have to go somewhere else to find all the installments to enjoy. Just visit the sidebar of this site and find the version you need to play in a few seconds.
Which tasks will be assigned to you in this game? Well, these are simple, just make some jumps, perform some spins, and then roll over the way to win this fast-paced, adventure, and action packed game. It is designed especially for kids, but adults can enjoy it same as the children. Play this game with your kids and have a bonding filled with adventure!

Fancy Pants 4

Finish the levels in Bomb It 1

Well, let’s play the first version of the series Bomb It, called Bomb It 1. The series is very popular among the gamers from the globe and it’s increasing with its popularity day by day. Every player tries to gain the high score, so obviously, you will also try to score higher than other friends, so when you start playing, many levels will come to achieve and complete. The game is able to keep you busy, so you will keep your eyes on your computer screen and you will be forced to keep you fingers working using the keyboard to finish the levels successfully.
You are no bound to play it alone, so be happy, because you are free to invite your friends to play with you. Have a best time enjoying this creative game. Let’s play it now.

Bomb It 1

Black Ninja in Run Ninja Run 1

Get ready to enjoy the first version of a series named Run Ninja Run 1. As you know, today’s world is the technology’s world. As long as the technology improves, the games supporting devices are increasing day by day, and now the world has taken up a big part of entertainment for people. Several browsers have been created to support flash and online games, and many devices have been launched just to play the games online and offline. Thousands of games are being created that come supporting all kinds of hardware.
In this first version, a character ninja is flying to something, and ready to fight against the enemies. Light black color has been included in its color scheme, which looks good and the player can enjoy it. The game is supported, created and launched by a famous company Arcade Games.

Run Ninja Run 1