Top 5 Scary Games online

Are you interested in horror games? If you are reading this article, it means you are fond of the adrenaline rush you get from these games. You have a thrive to feel the adrenaline rush that keeps you on edges for a long time. Let’s discover the greatest scary games ever that you can enjoy playing. There are many websites where you can find a big bunch of different games available for your further review. One of them is the website called “Dark Horror Games” which is all about horror online games and nothing else. Zombies and monsters can easily bring in the atmosphere of evil or scary scenery of blood and absolute horror.

The experience has shown that hunting down aliens or genetic mutations is not a subject for scary games any more. We all might have played a long list of scary games in the past like Silent Hill 1 and 2 which were considered to be frightening, also, a very popular one named Resident Evil which gained popularity among people all over the world and even won all the prizes possible.

So stop playing Scary Maze Game and check out these games that really gonna freak you out:

Agony – a brand new video game that is to come soon, on March 30, 2018 designed for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4. We have been waiting for this game to come out finally. The game was originally announced in a Kickstarter in 2016. The game has to be very interesting and engaging judging the feedback.

Manhunt – a game where you will witness sheer violence. You feel this creepy feeling of being followed. The silent arena makes the scary moments even more shocking. This game is also rather popular as Fugitive and it requires little set up and no equipment. You only need a playing area and some friends to play with you to make the entertainment to the highest. The rules of Manhunt are rather simple as here you just need to play Hide and Seek but in reverse as here one person or a small group hides and all others  seek or start to look for them. The game will not be over until all the hiders or as we call them fugitives have been found and tagged by the seekers or as we like to call them cops or hunters.

Silent hill – the scariest video game available because of the difficulty in handling controls and because you feel isolated from other in the game accompanied by rather scary noises and music, also the lack of visibility that adds up some mystery to the game. Many other game creators have tried to create this effect by hiding the floor from the players’ sight in order to add some mystery to the game. However, this will never what Silent Hill 1 and 2 offer to its players. Silent Hill is the first psychological survival horror video games developed by Team Silent and published by Konami. This game was released for the Sony PlayStation in North America back in 1999.

Until Dawn – an interactive drama survival horror adventure game that is developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. This game was officially released throughout the world in 2015. It is the year of 2014 when Josh and his twin sisters Hannah and Beth invite their collective friends to the Washington Lodge on Blackwood Mountain in order to celebrate their annual winter getaway. During their celebrations some friends decide to play a prank on Hannah. Soon she runs out of the lodge and when at the edge of a cliff, Hannah suddenly slips and falls holding friend’s hand and taking her down with her.

System Shock – a scary game designed for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4. A game that was released in January 31, 2018 seems quite promising and challenging that is worth trying.

WARNING: You might find pictures in games that might disturb you. In case you see an image that you don’t like you can simply close the window.

Earn to Die part 4

One of the most successful zombie games online is the EARN TO DIE game series. Due to its success, a lot of versions were made where players will enjoy more. The creator even released Earn to Die 5, a version where instead of plowing zombies, you will be driving over enemy soldiers. This version is called Battle Field WWII and the setting was during the Second World War.

All EARN TO DIE versions have one common gameplay. You will be driving a vehicle as far as possible then upgrade it at the end of the day. When you finish a level, you will unlock a vehicle far better than the previous one even when fully upgraded. But you will also need to upgrade the latest vehicle to be able to go further more. And when you are done with the second level, you will unlock a third vehicle which is the only vehicle that can run from the starting point to the goal point, provided it is fully upgraded.

The story of EARN TO DIE started when the zombies invaded your hometown. As one of the survivors, you were looking for a place where you can be away and safe from the zombies. From a not so distant place, you saw a helicopter. You will need a vehicle to reach the helicopter which could bring you to a safe haven. Having five hundred dollars only, you can only buy the small hatchback for a start. But it will not reach your destination even if you fully upgrade it.

In the first EARN TO DIE, one wheel upgrade is missing. In Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Once again play the original game with all its improvements and complete upgrades. Your first vehicle in Earn to Die 4 Super Wheel is the small hatchback. Your second vehicle is the old good pickup and the third is the heavy truck. You can now reach the helicopter with the fully upgraded heavy truck.

The EARN TO DIE game series is an addicting challenging action racing game you will surely love. You can play all versions when you visit the game fan site.

Red Ball 4 Gameplay

If you want to spend your free time enjoyably through gaming, play the Red Ball game series. Be the cute little red ball who is so into adventures. In Red Ball 4 volume 1, explore the grassy hills as you go to achieve your goal.

In Red Ball 3, a black ball turned up, knocked down red ball and kidnapped Pink Ball. Pink Ball is red ball’s love. Fortunately, our hero saved Pink Ball and had stopped black ball from his evil plans. Now in Red Ball 4 Volume 1, a red ball was turned into a red square by an evil Black Square. The story is silent whether Black Square and Black Ball are one and the same. Nevertheless, that does not matter at all. What is important is for red ball to stop black ball from his evil plans and the captured red balls be freed.


You now get on in the adventure of your life. Start rolling in the grassy hills and jump as needed. It will not be a calm journey. You will run into obstructions like black squares. Never touch or bump into them except by jumping on them. There will also be hard situations where you will be thinking first before you can go on. Nothing to worry though, it is not impossibly hard. In fact, you can look up for walkthrough videos of players who were able to finish the entire game. But of course, even though there is nothing bad about it, you are being discouraged to seek any sort of help in playing the game.

There are fifteen levels to get through in Red Ball 4. Each and every level is unique and different from each other. You will also need to think first on some situations before you can go through. There are also situations where you will need to use rocks or wooden crates to jump on. Do not forget to collect all those golden stars as you go on. They will greatly contribute to your score. At the last level, you will be meeting the Big Boss. So be prepared to fight and make sure to defeat him once and for all.

play duck life 7

The Duck Life game series is an addicting adventure game. The first four Duck Life installments center in training your duckling to be able to join races and tournaments. However, the fifth installment, Duck Life 5, did away from this concept. It has an interesting storyline and goal, treasure hunting. The fire duck had been defeated and the volcano remained dormant. Rumors spread that mysterious treasures were deep within the volcano. Be one of the treasure hunters and try to find as much treasure as you can.

Duck Life 6 is a repeat of Duck Life 5 with a lot of improvements and developments. Outside the volcano were six shops. These shops are the Pet Shop, Hair Dresser shop, Mechanic Shop, With Ducktor Shop, Jetpacks shop and the Clothing shop. In Duck Life 6, there is a Coin Shop. However, you have to play it in Apple or Android and go to space for the Coin Seller sells coin only in the app.


The app, Duck Life Space is totally free. Although like other apps, there are in-apps purchases. Even though, you will love the app more due to additional features. Amongst those is the Cup Races. There are five Cup Races to join. These are the Plastic Cup, Copper Cup, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. Each Cup has its own requirements to join and rewards if you won first place. Anyone can join the Plastic Cup for there is no energy requirement. You can make quick cash in joining it for your pets’ training. What more, you can join over and over again even when you have already won first place.

In Duck Life 6, not only will you go to space to buy coins, you will also be buying items which has boost for your duckling. Hats will boost your energy level bonus, jackets will boost your skill level bonus and shoes will boost your speed or running skill bonus. So if you want to buy coins, join in Cup Races and buy items with boost, you need to go to space in Duck Life Space in your Apple or Android. And if you want to challenge other players all over the world, try playing Duck Life 7 too.

Enjoy the newest strike force heroes

There are a lot of games you will find online, whatever kind you like. And there is no need to worry; a lot of these games are totally for free. There is no need to log in or create any account. If you are you up for some action and adventure and you are into shooting games, the Strike Force Heroes game series is worth the try. It is an action-packed war-like game. Each installment will surely engross you for hours.

The newest strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, is yet another engrossing and addicting game. You will not only enjoy shooting enemies, you will also employ strategies and techniques. It is all about killing all enemies in sight. You have to be quick to kill or else you will be killed by enemies.

There are two modes to play the game in the newest strike force heroes: the Campaigns and the Challenges. The Campaigns are not that hard as long as you have the right weapons and the skillful team. You unlock weapons when you finish a mission. You can also buy them in the game shop with the cash you have received during the game. You may also win unique and powerful weapons when you play the slot machine. These powerful weapons are greatly useful during the battle.

In the Challenges mode, your skills will be put into test. You will face death matches where you have to survive and finish the level. When you finish a challenge, additional skills will be unlocked. Or if you cannot wait to unlock skills, you can purchase skills in the shop but that will be in exchange for your soldiers.


As you play the newest strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, you have to collect flags from the enemies. Each level has different conditions in collecting flags: some will require you to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible while some will require you to kill certain number of enemy soldiers. Some may simply require you to earn certain number of points for that level. Playing this game will definitely not bore you at all because of the variety of missions.

Improvements of Vex 3

If you enjoy playing computer games, you will find a lot of them online. Look for the genre you like to play such as action, puzzle, strategy, skill, adventure, scary and a lot more, and you will surely find games which will suit your taste. What more, there are thousands of games online which you can play for free.

If you are looking for a skill game blended with adventure, test your skills in Vex game series. Play as the stick figure and get through each level while avoiding death. The path to the door will not be smooth. There are a lot of deadly obstacles along the way. One touch with them will kill you instantly. So you have to be very careful as you run, jump, swim, climb and slide down in this fast paced game. You can play any of the installments of the Vex game series by visiting its homepage. However, it would be more enjoyable if you will start with the first installment as it is the easiest. If you got through Vex, prepare yourself for a harder sequel and play Vex 2. There are added levels as well as obstacles. And if you were successful enough, play the hardest installment, Vex 3.


Vex 3 has more levels, there are now ten levels, called Acts, a Tutorial and nine challenge stages. You have to remember some tips in playing the game. Take note that you cannot stay too long underwater for you will lose breath. Climbing too high walls is futile. Jumping off from too high platforms is fatal. Vex 3 also eliminates the Achievements Room in exchanged for the Trophies Room. Challenge yourself to collect all brand new forty trophies which were divided into four classes. It was said that higher trophies are harder to achieve. The Stage Builder was greatly developed; it has a fully equipped tool box for you to create a great stage.

You can play Vex 3 for free in the Vex games’ homepage. And there is no need of logging in or signing up. Also in the homepage, you can find all other Vex games, their Unblocked versions, their walkthrough, a page dedicated for tips, how to finish Vex 2 in twenty minutes, and three other games.

Experiment hair trends in Barbie Real Haircuts

If there is one popular toy and character that girls around the world love to be, it would be the Barbie. There are two reasons why it is in demand and widely appreciated. First is because she is beautiful, likeable and glamorous. Second is because she is easy to play or watch with. Its popularity has come a long way in terms of incorporation in different entertainment mediums from movies, television series and now, with flash games. One perfect example is the flash game entitled Barbie Real Haircuts.

The scenario in this beautiful and stylish game is that Barbie needs a haircut so that she can be very beautiful for an event. Your main objective is to beautify Barbie with the trendiest and most stylish haircut possible. You can trim, dye or curl her hair. You can utilize the accessories and treatments presented in the game. The best thing about this game is that the gamers who are girls will have the sense of style at a very young age which they can eventually apply in the near future.

barbie real haircuts (2)

Turn the boredom into a lively atmosphere in Dinner Party Slacking

In our life, we experience ups and downs that sometimes make us feel down and alone. Fortunately, there are ways to pump up ourselves like going on a shopping spree, attending events or partying with friends. One of the most common thing that teenagers do nowadays is having parties here, there and everywhere because of the youth they possess. Do you know that there is a game related with parties? Yes, there is! The name of that game is Dinner Party Slacking.

Dinner Party Slacking (3)

There are two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is the party itself that will keep the gamers entertain. Second is because of the presence of slacking action which will occur as the game progresses. Sarah which is the main character in this game was invited by her BFF in a posh party. Everyone is dressed properly and all glammed up. But Sarah, being a party animal notice something. But Sarah notices that the game is plain and boring at the same time. She tries doing something that will make the atmosphere alive. It is through slacking which she does best in every party she attends. Help here with here stuff and keep the party alive and kicking.

Help a Lost Knight in The Awakening

Embark on a journey with a knight that has forgotten his name and his past. Battle with creatures and help him gain his memory back in The Awakening. The action packed adventure has a rich storyline and will keep you playing for hours. Help people and warriors alike to find what you are searching for. The game is an RPG combat style, where you have to click on what your character does for the next move, but is not turned-base. Each actions require stamina, and you need to recharge it before making another action again.

The Awakening (3)

The health points is shown on the upper right corner, drop down to zero and game over, load the game on your last save point. As you fight monsters you will gain some stats and grow stronger. There are also upgrades for your sword which can help you on your battles. The Awakening is an exciting RPG that will set you on missions and fighting monsters like you have never been before. Expect a sequel after the game, since it is a really good game. A must try for all adventure seekers and RPG lovers.

Eliminate all enemies in Boxhead Zombie Wars

If you like zombie games and shooting games, you will surely enjoy playing the game, Boxhead Zombie Wars. There are two modes to play: the Classic and the Defense. In Classic mode, you can choose among Close Combat, Death Valley, Double Trouble and In the middle. While in the Defense mode, choose among Welcome to HELL, Top Heavy, The road to hell and Cross roads. There are four modes of difficulty.

Boxhead Zombie Wars (2)

You can play as a beginner, or pay in the intermediate, expert or nightmare mode. And if you have chosen which mode you will play, be prepared to Enter Hell. Shoot all the incoming zombies. And do not let them get near you or your health will deteriorate. As you level up in each mode, not only will you be facing zombies, you will also fight against devils, runners, vampires and mummies.