Survive the war in Endless Wars 7

The Endless Wars flash game series has come up with its seventh edition in the game called Endless Wars 7. This tactical war simulation game series is a hit because of three factors. First is because it involves shooting and aiming as well as defeating enemies and their bases. Second is because it is a simulation game which give players a chance to virtually experience a war. Last factors is the aim for peace which we are all aiming for. Continue skimming and scanning below to be familiar with Endless Wars 7. The main objective of this game is to kill enemies and destroy their base as well as protecting your base from great destruction.
The player will be given a turret and weapons and it will all depend on the player’s strategical and tactical thinking to survive and win the war. The controls are very easy to operate using the keyboard with the following keys corresponding to an action such as WASD for moving at different directions, the mouse for aiming and shooting, F/G for switching weapons and Q or E for switching the turrets. Endless Wars 7 is an entertaining game which will surely give thrill and excitement to players especially if they visit now!

endless war 7

Survive the freeway in Kamikaze Race

Driving has been one of the most popular themes incorporated in flash games for three reasons. First is because of the involvement of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles which most of us really love. Second is because of the thrill it brings even virtually whenever there is a race. Last is because it simulates the real life cars performance and abilities. If there is one crazy game existing with the same thing, it is the game called Kamikaze Race. The reason why this is a crazy game is because the player needs to use and race a vehicle which has a broken brake and an inconsistent accelerator in a very busy freeway. Obviously, if this happen in real life, one may have been involved in an accident but fortunately, this game is virtually played so everybody is safe.
The players aim is to reach farther distance without being crashed in other vehicles or worst is to die and restart the level. Kamikaze Race is indeed a fun, crazy and thrilling flash game online.

Kamikaze Race

Survive the game in Trollface Quest 2

Strategy games are the ones that are very challenging to play for few reasons. First is because of the level of difficulty they present. Second is because of the thinking and analyzing one has do perform in order to advance in the next level. Last is because of the tricky feature that one will eventually see and experience during the game. There is a game series called Trollface Quest, which now serves its second serving, which is Trollface Quest 2. Not familiar with this game?
Do not be sad because you will be informed if you continue skimming or scanning the whole content. Trollface 2 contains a stick figure character which will be guided and played by the gamer. He or she must complete the whole game without being unharmed by the trollface or else, he or she will have to restart the level. It may seem simple but as the game progresses, one will find the next levels very tricky and sometimes, hard to pull through. One must be able to think and strategize in order to defeat the trollface and finish the game with flying colors. Can you get to the end? Try it now to see it for yourself.

Trollface Quest 2

Another board game to love in Game of Life

Board games are a part of every child’s childhood. Remember sitting in the living room with your family, laughing and smiling while playing a board game? Remember going over to your best friend’s house and playing some awesome and fun board game? Well if you are feeling some nostalgia and want to play an awesome board game, then a virtual alternative is here for you. Game of Life is an online board game that’s very popular and fun. It integrates the awesomeness of games and the reality of life in one single board. Experience the wonder of life in this game. Go to college, work and experience some other awesome things as you play the game. Game of Life can accommodate up to 6 players so you can share the fun with your friends and family. To know more about the game, click here:

Play Game of Life now and prepare yourself for some awesome adventure.

Game of Life Online


Football is indeed the world’s most popular sports. Everyone seems to be hooked with it during events like Olympics and World Cup. Now, it is incorporated in flash games to bring the feeling of getting a goal virtually. Penalty Shootout Junkies is one of the football flash games that people truly enjoy.
The rules of this game is very easy to understand as well as operate the control using the mouse. Using a mouse, the gamer will be able to angle his or her shot, measure the power needed for the shot and finally, put the ball on the goal area. The gamer with the most number of points after 5 attempts or shots wins the game. Playing Penalty Shootout Junkies enables gamer to virtually experience football and the ways to score a goal. It can also be a good learning experience to young minds that they can eventually use in the future.

Penalty Shootout Junkies

Finish snail bob 9 within the time

Get ready to play 9th episode of a very famous and popular series snail bob. This version is called snail bob 9, where the player will face some hard obstacles to cross. These obstacles are not usual, but they have ability to kill any person passing through them so the player will need to pass them having much security for him and for the character snail bob in order to reach the destination safely. Click here to read more detail about this game.
Overcoming the obstacles will be not an easy mission and task. So it’s your test how you cross them safely without being harmed, killed, and destroyed. The bad thing is that this path you are going on, is not known for the bob and even for you. So, will you be able to finish it within the given time?

snail bob 9

Enjoy Fancy Pants 4 with kids

Your favorite little character wearing pants is back and just ready to show you wonderful actions. You can play at this 4th version Fancy Pants 4 from the series Fancy Pants. That site contains the complete versions of this series. Moreover, all of them placed in one place, so you do not have to go somewhere else to find all the installments to enjoy. Just visit the sidebar of this site and find the version you need to play in a few seconds.
Which tasks will be assigned to you in this game? Well, these are simple, just make some jumps, perform some spins, and then roll over the way to win this fast-paced, adventure, and action packed game. It is designed especially for kids, but adults can enjoy it same as the children. Play this game with your kids and have a bonding filled with adventure!

Fancy Pants 4

Finish the levels in Bomb It 1

Well, let’s play the first version of the series Bomb It, called Bomb It 1. The series is very popular among the gamers from the globe and it’s increasing with its popularity day by day. Every player tries to gain the high score, so obviously, you will also try to score higher than other friends, so when you start playing, many levels will come to achieve and complete. The game is able to keep you busy, so you will keep your eyes on your computer screen and you will be forced to keep you fingers working using the keyboard to finish the levels successfully.
You are no bound to play it alone, so be happy, because you are free to invite your friends to play with you. Have a best time enjoying this creative game. Let’s play it now.

Bomb It 1

Black Ninja in Run Ninja Run 1

Get ready to enjoy the first version of a series named Run Ninja Run 1. As you know, today’s world is the technology’s world. As long as the technology improves, the games supporting devices are increasing day by day, and now the world has taken up a big part of entertainment for people. Several browsers have been created to support flash and online games, and many devices have been launched just to play the games online and offline. Thousands of games are being created that come supporting all kinds of hardware.
In this first version, a character ninja is flying to something, and ready to fight against the enemies. Light black color has been included in its color scheme, which looks good and the player can enjoy it. The game is supported, created and launched by a famous company Arcade Games.

Run Ninja Run 1

Help the hero in Trollface Quest 2

It’s the sequel to the first version Trollface Quest 1. Play at Trollface Quest 2 has the same principles as they were in the 1st edition. The game is point and click style game that has many puzzles and you have to use your strategies and many challenging levels would come to achieve. What is your mission now? Well, you have to complete each level successfully without being harmed or killed.
The levels are a bit tricky like they were in the Trollface Quest 1. For example. when you reach level 15, you will find the here, which is a character as a stickman, that is standing near the cabin in a hard winter, and your duty is to help him so that will get warm. Don’t think you will be able to help him in this regard, and he will enter the cabin, as it’s not easy.

Trollface Quest 2