It is about exercising in Trollface Quest 6

Are you familiar with Trollface Quest 6? If you are clueless then it is fine because this article that you are currently reading at the moment has some details about it. Trollface Quest 6 is an example of a flash game. This is actually the sixth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 6. This is an interesting and addicting game that young and old gamers will surely love.

The main character in this game besides the player is a Troll. The story is that he is selling pizza when suddenly, someone has stolen one of them. The troll needs to get it back and the only way is to kick and defeat the bad guy. But the problem is that Troll is not yet fit. He needs to be fit and it can only be done if you help him. Your goal in this game is to help him exercise in many different ways in order to defeat the bad guy. Freely browse this homepage for more information.


Be a keen observant in Spot the Differences 2

If you are looking for a flash game that challenges your senses, then you might consider playing the flash game called Spot the Differences 2. Most of the gamers and readers are pretty much familiar with the game series called Spot the Differences. This is created patterned to the game set up or included in newspapers and television game show. Since this is already the second installment, players and readers can expect more challenging features and levels.

The goal or objective of the player who will be dealing with this particular flash game is to spot five differences from the two pictures presented on the game screen. You must be quick in finding the differences because there is a time limit which is quite nerve wracking. Be a keen observant and make sure that you will be very successful with the entirety of this very flash game. Try engaging with this game now!

Spot The Differences 2

A lot of greens to grind in Mini Putt 2

Mini Putt 2 is the second edition from the game series called Mini Putt which is created by Psycho Goldfish Creative Media. It was launched in 2004 and has been delivering tremendous entertainment to people or gamers around the world. This game series and particular edition is all about the sports of Golf. The mentioned sport has gaining popularity around the world because of the worthy game play it has. But one of the most struggles that this sport has faced in the past is the thinking of most people that it is all about the rich, the famous and the capable. But now, it has been very accessible and affordable for a lot of people to engage on it.


Nonetheless, there are flash games that let you play Golf and one of them is Mini Putt 2. Your goal or mission in this sequel is to play Golf. Drop the ball and then locate the target hole and hit the ball. Make the least shot possible in order to win in this game. There are 18 holes that you must be successful on.

Play classic video game characters in Mario Crossover

If you had lived in the family computer era, the characters in Mario Crossover will surely be familiar to you. Six video games super heroes are brought together in this action fun game. You get to choose the character you like: Simon of Castlevannia, Link of the Legend of Zelda, Megaman of Megaman, Bill R of Contra, Samus of Metroid and, of course, Mario of Super Mario. All of them retained their powers, abilities and stuffs. See them run in Super Mario 1 beating the turtles and the rest of the enemies with their own powers and capabilities.

Mario Crossover, although made by old school gamers for the love of those video games, will not only give fun to those who had played Family Computers and video games back in the eighties. have a peek at this site to see that fact for yourself.


Clear all the cards in Spider Solitaire

Most of us are aware of the card game called Solitaire. It is basically about arranging cards on ascending or descending order depending on the game’s preference. It is great to know that cards have been invented for many benefits that we can utilize or attain. Cards are basically used to play games during leisure time or when boredom strikes.

It is better to be played with friends or family around. Cards are also tools in magic tricks performed by many magicians. Cards are also used as decorations to build a beautiful art. In this article, cards are utilized as tools in a flash game. In fact, the main topic is about a game called Spider Solitaire. Your objective in this game is to simply play the usual solitaire game in an online version. There are a total of 104 cards which are basically two deck of cards. You just have to organized them in a descending order. Your score will depend on the number of moves you make.

Spider Solitaire

Enjoy Variety of Challenging Games in Hidden Object Games Free Online

Each of us has their own tastes in different aspects of life. In terms of food, some people love sweet and spicy while others go for salty ones. In terms of style and clothing, most prefer comfortable and simple ones while others attempt to stand out with colorful and unusual designs. In terms of music, many will listen to Pop and Jazz music while others prefer Rock and Alternative ones. When you talk about the gaming world, players around the globe have different preference with the type of games they will play. Some will opt for fun and exciting while other will go for challenging ones like the games presented in Hidden Object Games Free Online.

rooms of memory (2)

This is a compilation of challenging hidden object games for people to browse and play with. The good thing about hidden object games is that they offer a lot of challenging and worthy game play than a single fun game can offer. One of the great thing that can be improve with this type is the ability to see things easily even if they are the little ones. Focus is also developed or enhanced. If you are looking for a great compilation of challenging games, Hidden Object Games Free online is the one. It is free and available anytime.

Utilize the SPACEBAR in Pixel Jump

Are you familiar with Pixel Jump? If you think that this is a title of a movie, you are completely wrong because this is a name of a flash game presented in this article. Pixel Jump is created by Shajby and released in 2012. This is quite addicting and frustrating at the same time. It is addicting because of the familiarity that you will realize as you play the game. It is frustrating as the challenge in the game evolves. To find out more about this game, you can simply rely on the next paragraph.

You will control the pixel as it moves continuously in the platform. The challenge in this game is the setup of the platform that differ in each level. You will have to control your pixel as it jumps or double jumps to reach the green flag. You should be able to maintain a steady hand to successfully finished the 24 levels contained in this game.


It is treasure hunting time in Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 is the final edition from the game series called Duck Life. The story in this game is quite unusual but very exciting because in the previous editions, everything is about training different skills such as running, flying, swimming and climbing. This time, the role of the player is to navigate the cute duck in finding treasures.


Yes, you’ve read it right! This final edition is all about treasure hunting. The fire duck that lives on the volcano has been defeated. It leaves all the treasures inside the volcano. It is your mission to find them ahead of other ducks. In this game, you will not be training any skills anymore but will go on a treasure hunting adventure. You will be able to purchase a pet which can accompany you and help you defeat enemies inside the volcano. You just have to be strategic and wise in order to find the missing golden treasures.

Use varied vehicles in Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5 is a racing game existing online. This is actually the fifth installment from the very successful game series called Uphill Rush. There are three reasons why this series is a hit among gamers around the world. First is because of the involvement of vehicles which most of us are dreaming of having now or in the near future. Second is because of the racing action happening as the player deals with the game play. Last reason is because of the adrenaline brought to players even if it is through a virtual mode only. To find out more about Uphill Rush 5, just continue reading the article.

Obviously, the goal of the players is to race with other players in 6 maps available in the game. Since this is already the fifth serving from the series, there are some changes implemented. For example, the 6 maps are categorized such as map 1,3,5 are time trial while 2, 4,6 are racing against the computer. There are different vehicles one can use such as boats, tubes, motorcycles and skateboards. If you want to experience the virtual adrenaline, you can visit

Uphill Rush 5 (2)

Try to control the Crazy Helicopter

Ever seen a crazy game on line? If you enjoy flying and dream of riding a chopper, try flying this Crazy Helicopter. Your goal is to stay in the air as long as possible and collect points balls for score and ammo. Click the left button of your mouse to speed up and scroll up the wheel of your mouse or press the spacebar to send out missiles and eliminate obstacles.


Crazy Helicopter is a challenging game. Only, the helicopter is hard to control. Maybe that is the reason why it is entitled Crazy Helicopter. One technique is not to restart the game immediately after a fall down. If you restart immediately, you will see that your helicopter is in distress and will just fall down no matter how hard you click your mouse. And to get the points balls, you should touch the balls and not just the parachutes.